Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

Entering into a Tenancy

What is a "tenancy agreement"?
Can standard terms be omitted from a tenancy agreement?
Where can I get a sample tenancy agreement?
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Security Deposits, Pet Deposits and Inspections

Can a landlord require payment of a security deposit or pet deposit?
When does the tenant get the security deposit back?
If the tenant leaves no forwarding address, can the landlord keep the deposit?
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Rent Increases and Non-payment of Rent

How much can rent be increased for a residential tenancy?
How much can rent be increased for a manufactured home park tenancy?
Can a landlord request a larger rent increase than the allowable amount?
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Ending a Tenancy

How can a tenant end a tenancy?
How can the tenant give the landlord notice of the move?
How can a landlord end a tenancy?
How can the landlord serve the Notice to End Tenancy?
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Repairs and Maintenance

What are the landlord's and tenant's responsibilities for cleaning and maintenance?
Can a landlord terminate a non-essential service or facility?
What are "emergency repairs"?
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Landlord's Access

When can a landlord enter the tenant's home?
If the rental unit is for sale, when can the property be shown?
Can the landlord show the rental unit when the tenant is not at home?
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Assignment and Sublet

What is assignment?
What is a sublet?
When can a tenant assign or sublet a tenancy agreement?
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Can a landlord refuse to rent based on discrimination?
How can I complain about discrimination?
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What are the penalties for offences under residential tenancy law?
What are the penalties for harassment?
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